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mouse cursor flickering / flashing


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I create numerous PDF documents by adding and removing pages from other PDF files. With the latest version of Nitro Pro 11, a few of these documents cause the mouse cursor to flicker constantly. It looks like it is alternating between the hand cursor (or pointer) and the small circle that indicates the system is busy (using Aero theme for mouse pointer).

I tried changing the default mouse pointer in Control Panel, but that had no effect. I also turned off "hide pointer while typing" under Control Panel / Mouse Properties / Pointer Options, and that reduced the flashing about 50%.

I have reproduced the problem using two small. One PDF does not cause the mouse cursor to flicker. The other is the result of creating a Postscript file from that first PDF, then converting it back into a PDF file. The resulting file DOES cause the mouse cursor to flicker.

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6 hours ago, KarlHungus53 said:

We have the same problem, on top of being very annoying, it really hurts when you are trying to draw or move something.

Ditto here. I've also found that any document that has layers is *horrible* in this regard. And crashes 4 of 5 times when I try to edit.

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I also am having this problem of the mouse flickering so rapidly I can't use the program.  It didn't start until I upgraded to Nitro 11.  I have already filed several tickets, but the HELP staff just has me doing the same deactivate, uninstall, re-install, re-activate, etc. over and over.  They did finally ask me to re-intall Nitro 10, but it did not have any of the same issues at Nitro 11.  I like the new features of Nitro 11 and will stick with it until they figure out what the issue is - hopefully they will do that before I go crazy.

Also putting it out there that sometimes I cannot use the "'Highlighter" on my document or other enhancement features like underlining, cross-out, etc.  I can almost always us the Drawing feature but not always 'adding text' .

Fix it please as I have been a Nitro user for many years and cannot imagine using anything else...but even my patience is wearing thin

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