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PowerPoint conversion is downgrading images

steve cline

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When combining or combining documents in Nitro, we have one user running into problems.  Generally, the process is to create a PPTX file (Office 2016) as well as several externally generated PDFs.  They then combine all documents within Nitro by using "Combine" and adding all relevant documents.

The PPTX has a template with background images.  Just basic background designs.  The user can open these in Powerpoint and the backgrounds appear correct.  However, after combining in Nitro, the resolution of the background images are severely reduced.  I tried just doing a conversion of the PPTX and it still downgrades the resolution.

We have other users on the same platform, same version of Nitro that are not having the issue.  I went through preferences and they are identical.  I don't see anywhere that the conversion from PPTX to PDF can be set.  "Settings" in the "Combine" interface are also identical in all installations.

We are running Nitro on Win10.

Our current workaround is to export to PDF from Powerpoint and then combine within Nitro.  This ends up creating an extra document, so is not ideal.  Plus, shouldn't the PPTX conversion work without changing images?

I appreciate any assistance.


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Hello @enilc,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Can you please try to change the conversion quality settings to Print Ready? The different ways you can set that are explained here:

Increase conversion quality

If you continue to encounter issues, or if you need further clarification, please open a support ticket here: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket

I hope this helps!

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Hello Leslie,


I've gone through the steps indicated in the provided links, but still unable to resolve.  Is it possible to remove and re-install the Nitro Pro 11 printer driver?  I have had another user with a similar problem present today.  In his case, when he attempts to combine or convert, the powerpoint slide is 'shrunk' by about 25-50%.  Switching to a real, hardware printer and the print size returns to normal.

From within Powerpoint, if I attempt to print to pdf, I see the same results.  Using the Nitro driver, the slides are all shrunk by 25-50%.  Using the MS print to pdf driver, yields the correct results.

The problem seems to lie in the Nitro print to PDF driver.  I've checked all settings and they are the same as other machines not demonstrating the problem.  I assume there is some unseen setting that has changed or become corrupted.  Hence, I'd like to simply remove the Nitro print to PDF driver and re-install it, if that is possible?

I appreciate your assistance.


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I appreciate the link.  Tried repair of the driver as per the link, but no change.

Did an uninstall/re-install of Nitro (on both) and problem is no longer present.  Some kind of corruption of the driver, I presume.

Thanks for all assistance.

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