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Thompson Dryers

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Thompson Dryers

Is NitroPDF version 11 capable of displaying 3D content?  I have had some PDFs  sent to me that just show up blank when I open them.  However, if I open them with Adobe Reader, I get a warning that 3D content is not enabled.  If I enable it, then the 3D image is available and can be manipulated.  I'd like to not have to rely on Adobe for anything.  So if Nitro can do this, what do I need to do to view them?


Thanks in advance.



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Steven Zakulec

I tend to think Nitro can't show you 3d models embedded in the PDF- if the 3d objects/models were included as attachments, they could be viewed in whatever program you would normally use to view/manipulate them.

I tried a couple of the PDFs from https://www.pdf3d.com/all-examples/ in Nitro 11, and the models did not show up.

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