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Font Substitution Issue - Bold text replaced with Comic Sans


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My company produces software for authoring Safety Data Sheets and Precautionary/Transport labels. One of our clients has Nitro, and is attempting to view a PDF generated by our software. Due to a software limitation, we are unable to embed fonts in the generated PDFs, and instead rely on the font being present on the end-user system. In this particular case, the font in question is "Arial Unicode MS", which is installed on the end-user system. This font does not have an actual bold style, but most of the applications we work with are able to use the font weight to achieve bold text.

The document in question is a Japanese Transport Label. Several of the document headings are bold-faced, and it displays perfectly in Adobe Reader. Adobe's "properties" section lists both "Arial Unicode MS" and "Arial Unicode MS, Bold", with neither being substituted for a different font, it just increases the weight of Arial Unicode MS to achieve bold face. When the same PDF file is opened in Nitro, Nitro replaces all occurrences of "Arial Unicode MS, Bold" with "Comic Sans MS, Bold". What's left is a messy-looking document with all of the bold text in Comic Sans, and the rest of the text in Arial Unicode MS. Additionally, Comic Sans does not contain a Japanese character set and the document is generated in Japanese. This causes most of the bold headings in the document to disappear, and any bolded Latin characters display in Comic Sans.  I can't find any setting in Nitro to control which font is substituted, and Comic Sans is not an acceptable substitution. I'd hate to tell the client that they'll have to use Adobe Reader, but I'm not seeing any other solution. Any suggestions? 

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