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Looking to purchase - Question regarding form creation


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I am looking to purchase this software instead of Adobe Pro X. I've been researching pros and cons, and Nitro seems like a good alternative. I did have a question regarding the function from Adobe Pro X where the user could use, 'detect form fields', and a form would automatically create empty text boxes where form information is detected. Does Nitro have a function like this that I am unaware of? I have downloaded the trial and found that manually inputting the text boxes can be a tedious process in some cases where there are a lot of text inputs. This seems to be the only functionality of Adobe Pro X I would miss. Thanks for reading!

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  • Official Nitronaut


Thanks for posting to our forums!


Currently, this option is not available for Nitro Pro.  However, it is something our developers can look into and I will be happy to pass your feedback along.



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M Lance Couture

Greetings! I, too, am considering purchase and truly would like to see this functionality be available. The Form Creation Wizard in Acrobat is quite useful, and a similar utility in Nitro would appropriate and welcomed.

This thread is more than a year old; so, I am hopeful there has been some progress.

I look forward to your feedback!

Thank you!

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