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Marking-up a screen-shot

Martin Phelps

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Martin Phelps

Hi All,

As my department is in the throws of going paperless, many of my team still print-out a certain area of a drawing, they then mark-up the print (dimensions/highlight area/add notes/stamp and sign), then re-scan and email out.

I have am currently at a stage of:

1. Printing the drawing to .pdf.

2. Able to add dimensions to the .pdf.

3. Able to highlight information (one colour only)

4. Able to add notes.

5. **Unable** to stamp and sign a doc


a. Can one create a personal tab that could hold certain icons pertaining to a job action (i.e. dimension, highlight, text box/etc)?

b. Is there a freehand highlight option (to highlight a curved line or an area)?


Thank you,

Martin Phelps


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Steven Zakulec

For Question A, the answer is yes- in Nitro 11, this is what the "Add Tools" section of the Home tab is for- you can put 5 things there for quick access.  You can also customize the Quick Access Toolbar and put anything you'd like there.  In addition to any of these, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts for items.

For Question B, the tool you want is the "Drawing" one.  When you use the Pencil option, you can do freehand drawing on the PDF.  You can't freehand the highlighter, so if you have to match the highlighter tool exactly, that could be a problem here.

Hope that helps- if not, let me know!

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