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File Tagging

Stephen Schwartz


Stephen Schwartz

This is so frustrating.  I read scientific papers and store them in One Drive as PDFs.
I want to be able to tage the files with key words but Windows really does htis badly. 
I have tried and am using an external product called "Tabbles" but it creates an external database rather than something stored in  the file.  
I would like Nitro to have the ability to tag and retrieve files by tags. 

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Steven Zakulec

So, Nitro does allow you to do tags, and Batch Processing does have an option to add tags to a batch of files.

You can see this info when you go to the File menu- it's on the right-hand side.  In Nitro 11, you can click into any of the fields there and enter information directly.

Hopefully that helps a bit.

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