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Spec 1.4 format - font squishing

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I first noticed the following issue in the reader product but was able to confirm it in Pro

My company uses Catapult (A financial reporting program) which exports reports to a pdf file, but does so using the 1.4 pdf spec.  One particular report is problematic as it is 198 characters wide, and while nitro does open it, it tends to "squish" characters together making them very difficult to read.

We've opened the same report using adobe, Sumatra, and FoxIt Reader but observed no such problem.  Is there something we can change about the font of the report itself or a setting somewhere behind the scenes that we might be able to try to correct the issue?  The width of the report can't really be changed at this point, and we've found that switching the orientation (landscape/portrait) in the output from catapult just causes the extra width to output to a second page which must be lined up with the first to read it (and when printed in a 2 sided printer this is even less convenient).

We're huge fans of the reader particularly since we can adjust the toolbars to limit end users abilities,and I'm getting more and more fond of nitro pro

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Steven Zakulec

I think you're going to have to submit a ticket to support with a file showing the issue because it's likely this is a document-specific issue.

There may be one or two things you can change.  In Preferences, under Page View, you could try turning on "Ignore line weights" and see if that makes any difference.  You could try changing the font(s) used in the report or making sure they are available on the system, or having the report embed the fonts.

If none of that helps, here's the link to support: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket

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