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Deactivation Completes, but won't reactivate

Don Hancock

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I've actually submitted a few tickets related to this issue (00149812 and 00150335), but after 6 days haven't from anyone. I've isolated it to one computer now, but unfortunately it's the most important of the two that had the issue.

I deactivated Nitro Pro 10 on Computer A, and uninstalled it because of missing "Convert To [Word}[Excel][etc]" buttons. I downloaded the latest Pro 10 version ( and reinstalled it. Afterwards, it showed "Expired Trial" which I expected. When I went to Activate it, I was given the "-23 Too Many Installations..." error (I have at least 15 licenses). After several attempts over 6 days it still won't activate. On the same day, I deactivated it on Computer B hoping to free that license, but Computer STILL won't activate. Computer B - strangely - WILL activate. But I deactivated it and tried again on Computer A with no luck.

This is a massive problem for us (which is why we have 15 or 16 licenses), and we really need to get it fixed. Apparently the Ticketing system doesn't work if you're not on Pro 11...


Don Hancock

IT Manager

Saunders Yachtworks

Gulf Shores, Alabama | Orange Beach, Alabama

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