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Digital signature text no longer visible


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Hello, I am the IT Director for my company. We purchased recently one license of Nitro Pro 11 (Windows 8.1) to be used by my CEO for signing important business documents.

After setting up the digital signature, all was working well. Two days ago, after signing a document, we are no longer able to see the text of the signature. The signature panel does show that there is a signature.

In Nitro, I can see the "pen" with a green checkmark. Prior to this issue happening, next to the pen in Nitro, we were able to see text information about the signature. This is now invisible. Same if I open the signed document in Adobe Reader.

We uninstalled and re-installed. Same issue.

Also tried to open ticket several times (and with different browsers) but the submission of your form hangs with the spinning circle never ending. Seems there is no way to reach you.....

Please help. This is URGENT as my CEO needs to sign important business documents.

Thank you.

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Steven Zakulec

Not sure if this is too late, but I have an idea of what the problem might be- the default signature appearance (or the profile you were using) may have changed.  If you are seeing a signed document with no details, it's possible that there's a barebones appearance profile configured.

The easiest way to check this is to go to File, Preferences, Digital Signature.  You'll see all of your appearance profiles listed here, with a preview for each. You can make any changes you need to here.

If all of these look fine, update to the latest release there were a lot of digital signatures improvements and fixes, and hopefully that fixes it.

Otherwise, you can do a repair from Programs & Features on Nitro, and maybe that will work.  After that the only thing to do is try the support ticket page again.


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