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Centered printing


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When printing a document smaller than the paper size In Nitro 10, no page scaling, it was printed centered on the paper.
This is not the case in Nitro 11. It is always printed on the top and left.
Is there an option for this?

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Steven Zakulec

Unfortunately the just released update ( has a bug around that feature- here's the blurb from the release notes:

Known Issues

‘Auto - rotate and center pages’ option in Page Scaling settings under print menu does not work as expected. The printed document will not be rotated.

Workaround: Select ‘Use PDF page size to select paper source’ in Page Scaling settings. This will automatically rotate and center pages.

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Mariève Charbonneau

Hi, I would like to open a ticket for the same reason. Since the installation of windows 10 Nitro doesn't work well.  


1- impossible to save a nitro pdf directly from a email. I have to open it then save it. 

2- printing is not working well. I only see a part of the document 

3- I sent my pdf document and people say i am not able to open it it says .dat


I am using nitro on a daily base. this is what i try to resolve the problem :


desinstalled nitro from revoinstaller

reinstalled nitro 11 with the new update : my email adress : marievecharbonneau@hotmail.com




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