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Whiteout problem

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I work for a title company and we have a lot of documents that need to be "cleaned". Most of them are years old (decades).

We've been using an old version of Adobe Acrobat and a plugin called ArtsPDF ImageWorks that has worked well for us over the years; however, its becoming outdated and the upgrade is almost $500 per license (not to mention Acrobat upgrade).

A replacement needed to have a good "whiteout" tool. Nitro seemed to be the perfect fit, but there seem to be a glitch.

If I have a scanned document with several paragraphs and there are black lines through the document caused by the scanner or just by the age of the document, I can go through and whiteout those lines. But, when I move the page or zoom in and out, the whiteout boxes that I created seem to increase. This causes words that don't need to be deleted to be cut off.

Is there a easy fix or is this a glitch. We plan to buy several licenses of the program, but this problem will cause us to look elsewhere.

Thanks for the help.

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