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Printer dialog box way too large


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From Nitro Pro the printer dialog box is enlarged with the Print Reduction Enhancements.

Previous versions had a printer dialog box in perfect size for 13 or 14 inch screens. As of version it is enlarged and now I have to scroll down for the actual print button.

Is it possible to remove (with Windows Registery or so) this Print Reduction Enhancements from version and up? I do not use them and do not need them.

Otherwise I'll be stuck with version  because I do not like this addition. Due to the fact I have to scroll down to find the actual print button.

In version and down the Printer Dialog Box was a far better size for screens 13 and or 14 inch. 


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Steven Zakulec

I'm not aware of any way to bypass that dialogue, but you could try the Batch Printing option and see if that's any better for you- it uses an entirely dialogue which is much smaller.

There's a number of ways you can do this:

You can right-click the Quick Access Toolbar and add Batch Printing there.

Also in that same menu, you can set keyboard shortcuts there, and could assign one to Batch Printing (or even override the existing Print shortcut).

Or just go to File, Batch Printing.

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