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Damaged file error while navigating bookmarks


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Hello to everyone.

One of my customers have Nitro Pro installed on some machines and all of them are experiencing a strange behaviour while navigating the bookmarks of any given file created with Nitro.

From time to time, when they click on any given bookmark (not always the same, and no matter the file they are working with), the program shows the following error: "This file is damaged (corruption) and it has been fixed " . After that, the bookmark is gone and you have to find out where it has gone (sometimes it dissapears, some times it's moved to another nested bookmark). If the bookmark is regenerated and the file is saved the error arises again sooner or later. That doesn't fix the problem.

After further research and testingI found out that if you click on a bookmark and the error arises,  if you don't release the left button of the mouse, you can manage to put the bookmark back to his former position (it appears like greyed out).So I think that the corruption message might not be very accurate.

It happens to files with a size of 65MB as well as , for example, 2048MB, not a problem related to the amount of data inside the file.

How can we fix it?

Looking forward your comments.

Kind Regards and thank you in advance.

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