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Password Requirement for Digital Signing




I know that password protection is available for QuickSign, but there doesn't appear to be any form of password protection for the use of the signature or certification features under the Protect ribbon.

Adobe Acrobat currently requires a password to apply a signature, with digital ID, to a document, which provides an additional layer of protection in terms of knowing that documents signed with that feature were signed by the person whose signature is present.

Without that feature in Nitro PDF, anyone with access to a computer with a person's digital ID loaded into Nitro PDF may then use that person's signature without permission.

Would it be possible to extend the ability to add a password requirement, currently available for QuickSign, to the signature and certification features under the Protect ribbon?

Kind Regards,


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Hello, have the same question and cannot seem to find an answer.  I to would also like the ability to "protect" a doc sent for e-signing similar to the two factor authentication but I don't have the enterprise edition.


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