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Hello, I was using nitro 8 or maybe I upgraded to V9 when my hard drive crashed. I need my old license de-activated as I cannot do it. It is bad enough having to migrate data from back ups but when I cannot swiftly restore or download programs that are fully paid for it is especially annoying. my ticket number is listed below. Thank you very much 




-----Original Message-----
From: Pro Support [mailto:prosupport@sfdc.gonitro.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2017 7:43 AM
To: Bob M>
Subject: Nitro Support Case - 00152070
- I have a replacement computer and am not able to de-activate my old device

Your Serial Number : 234600-973561-XXXXXX.  Your cleverbridge reference number: 43238451

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Yes, I've also had a computer crash and couldn't deactivate my Nitro Pro 11 on the other computer.  It's troubling that I can't get a returned email and my trial has almost expired.  


Nitro Support Case - 00152051 - Can't deactivate from previous computer

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Hey Mario, you sent me an email that you responded to my case but i did not receive it. I checked my spam and deleted folders - nothing. could you please re-send? thank you Bob 

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OR, maybe you just responded to Kwood98 and it ended up sending your response to me? 

If that is the case, how much longer do I need to wait for you to click a few keys so I can get my software 100% restored? 

Obviously, I will not be buying anything else from Nitro and may just for the fun of it, if I ever get the time, I may print off a few of these posts and mail to the attorney general. I am confident your company is following the law to the letter. I am sure your attorneys have reviewed everything you do but the question is: are you following the intent of the law by accepting payment for software then causing interruptions and delays in the use of it? Just a question that only someone else can answer. 

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Betty Rodriguez

Please Help! My computer crash in the deactivation process for Nitro Pro 11. Now when I go to Help it does not have the Deactivate button, only give me the Activate button. Can some help me to reset activation code or something. I just want to install the license in my new laptop.

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