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How can I use the NITRO already purchased in my new the laptops

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4 hours ago, Roran said:

I want to switch the Nitro App in my new Laptop. How can I do that?

Well I wouldn't hold your breath waiting

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I have the same question !

The KB page referred above says that the Serial Number is displayed in the 'Help, 'About' pop up window. But, there is no Serial Number displayed when I check the Help/About section !!

I am using Nitro Pro V6.2.3.6 on my old 32bit Windows 7 Laptop and now I want to move that to my 64bit windows 10 Laptop.

I purchased Nitro Pro from Cleverbridge, Ref.No. 9364469, but their support people only pointed me to Nitro Support when I asked them to give me my S/N.

How do I go ahead ??


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