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Too Many Screens to Insert Files

Guest MT from SWY


Guest MT from SWY

The upgrade following version has added a third screen to the Insert from File process.  Previously, if you chose Insert from File, you were immediately presented with the Windows Navigator screen to choose the file to insert, then you went to the Insert Pages screen to set the insertion location, etc.  Now when you Insert from File, you first have to choose from file or folder, then click to get the navigator screen, then click to get the Insert Pages screen.  It's a lot more steps.  I get that it was done that way to allow adding in multiple insertions from different locations, However, it might be better to somehow combine the Insert from File/Folder screen with the Insert Pages screen.  For example, the Insert Pages options could be at the bottom of the Insert File/Folders screen and greyed out.  Once a file or folder is added to the window, it can be highlighted to activate those options so that you can do all of the choosing and settings on one screen.  It could also be made to allow choosing many different PDFs to insert at different points as well.  For example the first chosen file could be inserted at the front.  The second could be inserted at the back.  A third could have on pages 2-3 inserted, etc.  Make less, more usable screens.

One more thing - could you stop changing the locations of commands with each upgrade?  Insert from File was on the Edit Tab on version 10 and it's on the Home Tab on version 11.  It's getting tiresome to keep having to relearn where my favorite commands are located each time there is an upgrade!

Thanks! :)

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