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license won't deactivate on old computer [ref: 00153231 ]

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On my old and now defunct laptop, I can login and attempt to deactivate my license, in order to pave the way for installation on my new laptop. However, when I input the serial number which Cleverbridge gave me in the purchase email, it says that I have an invalid serial number! I quadruple checked the number many multiples over. Thus, I cannot deactivate so that I can install on my new computer. AND, now I am unsure - because it is *falsely* telling me that my serial number is not valid, I do not know if installation would actually work on my new computer presuming it is deactivated. But it seems the next thing to try. 

For your information, I did contact Cleverbridge and they told me to talk with the Nitro PDF team. 

Can someone deactivate my license for me, and then I will give it a try and see if it works? Thanks so much!

- Daniel

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Joined this forum as I am interested to see the outcome of this post.

I have had exactly the same problem as dhansen12 this morning, tried to deactivate an install of nitro pro 9 and I am told by the software that the serial number doesnt exist, even though it is the serial number contained within nitro itself (I didnt fill it in, it is already there).

Contacted cleverbridge and they couldnt help me, sent me back here.

There also seems to be no trace of my purchase anywhere, including on the cleverbridge purchase locator or our business bank statements...we have been using the product for 3 years after purchasing a license in 2014, very strange.



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