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Nitro Pro 11 and OneDrive for Business


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Hi there,

I tried to link my Nitro Pro v 11 with my OneDrive for Business account, but the login screen on Nitro says that my business account doesn't exist.

Can Nitro only connect to the personal version of OneDrive instead of the Business version?

Any pointers on this matter would be most appreciated!

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @Faith,

Yes, that's correct. Nitro cannot currently connect with enterprise OneDrive accounts.

If you require the functionality, the current workaround is to sign up for a personal OneDrive account.
Alternatively, you can add OneDrive as a 'synced folder' and then access your documents via the Windows File Explorer, when saving from Nitro.

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Is there a plan to add the OneDrive for Business connection and when can that be expected to be launched for production from Nitro?

As Nitro focuses on businesses i see this as a rather big problem at the moment, specially for our company.

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