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PDF creation settings don't seem to work

John B

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No Matter which choice I select the PDF size remains the same, 31K from a 22 k word file with only text.  Nitro 7 which I still have on a different computer returns a size of 12K.


Please help.

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Hello Kelvin, here is the issue.  I take a simple word document consisting of one page of only text. The .doc file size is 22k.  When I use the file convert to PDF program in Nitro Version 8 the completed web ready PDF file size is 11K BUT when I do the same procedure in Nitro Version 11 the completed web ready PDF file size grows to 29K.  This is 7K larger than the original and well over double the PDF file size created by Nitro version 8.

Because I am working with over 4,00 .doc files this increases total file storage size.  What is the solution?

If I knew how to attach files to this  note I could send you the three examples ( Nitro 11 PDF, Nitro 8 PDF and word Doc)



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