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Sudden failure to print text added to scanned document

Joseph Gaffney

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Joseph Gaffney

I have Nitro Pro, Windows 10 (may Gates et al. roast in Hell for two eternities!) with latest updates, & 12GB of RAM

Three or more years ago, I scanned a deposit slip for my checking account.  I then added my name & account number to the scanned document and saved it.

Whenever I had to mail a deposit, I’d pull up the doc in Nitro, add the deposit info, e.g., date, amount, & type (check, money order), and print and mail it along with the deposit.

Ever since the latest Nitro upgrade, when I go through the above routine, ALL the data that I had added to the scanned doc using Type Text disappears when I switch from the File page to the Print page.  Only the scanned doc itself prints; none of the added text prints.

Any advice?

Also, does anyone know how to change fonts in this message box?  Why in God's name did they select such an ugly font?  Thanks.

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @Joseph M Gaffney,

I would like you to try 'Flattening' the file. This will move all data in the 'Content Layer' rather than the 'Annotation Layer' (used for stamps, annotations, etc).

This can be done in two ways:
1. After adding the text, select the 'Hand tool' (on the left of all the main tabs) > right click the text > Flatten Selection or Flatten All.
2. Alternatively, if you want to save the file with this content, use File > Save As > Change 'Standard PDF' to 'Flattened PDF'.

Please try printing again after doing one of these.

Happy holidays!

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