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Bookmarks not working

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I created a pdf document in Nitro-Pro and inserted bookmarks using the "Auto-Build Bookmarks" tool. It works on Nitro Pro and also on Adobe Reader (when I click on the bookmark, it goes where it is supposed to go), but doesn't work on Nitro Reader (5). Is there any setting on Nitro Reader that I have to change to enable the bookmarks to work?

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Alex E.

Hi @PPk, Sorry to hear that isn't working for you.

I cannot see any reason why it should not work in Nitro Reader 5, there are no special settings required.
I recommend that you run a repair on Reader via Start > System > Apps & features > Nitro Reader > Repair.

Beyond this, I'm afraid we won't be able to provide further assistance as Reader is now a discontinued product, as per our sunset policy:

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