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Navigating by page number when front matter exists


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Hi all, I work PDF versions of books that range from 75 pages to 365 pages. Each book has 15 to 20 pages of front matter, so that when I need to navigate to the numbered page 1 I will see something like 1 (15 of 389). One would think that if I need to be on the numbered page 76, I could type a 76 before the first parenthesis like this: 76 (91 of 389). Alas, this almost never works, and when it does, it is always only the first time. I've tried always adding the exact number of front matter pages to my total, so that if I want to go to page 76, I'd type 91, but that doesn't work either. It should also duplicate the page numbers in the parenthesis and should therefore be unnecessary. Adobe Reader performs this flawlessly, but I loathe Adobe Reader, if for no other reason than the cursed McAfee download. I do presentations where this is important, and I navigate by page number all day, every day. It is incredibly frustrating and time consuming to scroll seven or eight pages every time I need to get to a page. I've tried settings, additions, swearing, and ritualistic sacrifice to get this to work, but I have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help? I really hope this is me simply being dense. 



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