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Latest version of Nitro Pro Loads slowly and printer page loads incredibly slowly


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I just upgraded to the latest version of Nitro Pro and now the program loads slowly and the printer page loads extremely slow.  My operating system is Windows 10 Pro and my printer is Brother MFC-8690DW.  I have the latest drivers.  I had no issues with Nitro Pro 10.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Cici @plongchp,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Microsoft has identified an issue with their fall update of which has caused some programs like Nitro to run slower than normal.

We have decided to release a patch to our 11.0.7 build this January that will contain the fix related to Windows 10 Fall Creator Update issues.

We will let everyone know when is the exact date of this release as soon as we have this information or regularly check our download page to get the next build: https://www.gonitro.com/product/downloads

Thank you for being patient while we provide the fix and for being our loyal customers.


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I am using Nitro on a Window 10 64 bit machine and the software has been taking 20-30 seconds to load.   

I did try setting the compatability mode to Windows 8 as suggusted in other posts but to no avail.

Any ideas?????

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Thanks,  I just gave that a whirl with no apparent difference.  

My new test with nothing open on my machine but file explorer was 21 seconds from click to open.

Still searching ...


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