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Joseph M Gaffney


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Joseph M Gaffney

I've got Nitro Pro; using Windows 10 Pro; w/16GB RAM.

I'm working on several almost identical fill-in PDFs and need to use different signatures for different iterations of essentially the same document.

Until now, I've needed only one signature in the system.  Now I need to have several from which to pick and choose depending on who's responsible for what.

When I complete a blank doc and get to the point to insert a signature, the only signature I get is the one I've used for more than two years.

I have no opportunity to change it, no opportunity to delete and replace it, no chance to do anything other than what I've done for more than two years.

Now, when I leave the signature block blank and send the doc to print, I click on "Add Signature" only to get an audio message that deals with the Nitro Screen Reader, not the signature, i.e., I get an unhelpful message about a feature in which I have no interest at this time.

I've tried the so-called user guide in search of help with "Add Signature," but none of the data or articles available seems germane.

I'm at my wits' end with this problem.

Is it just me, or has Nitro's entire support net become mediocre overnight?

I'd appreciate whatever help anyone can provide.  Thanks.

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