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On Pro V10, Need V11 for patch, V12 coming soon


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I sent this through email but I get confusing responses - I don't have Software Assurance so I don't get premium access to support, so I can use the knowledge base or forum, but you'll review our records and will proceed with our support case afterwards. Does that mean I might get a response depending on your review, or that I won't get one at all?

Anyway - we’re a business with five seats of Nitro Pro 10. We’re experiencing the Fall Creators Update issue. I see that you have a patch available for version 11. I suppose my only option to eliminate the issue is to upgrade to version 11 and patch. But you’re not far away from version 12, right? So, could we work something out so I don’t have to pay to upgrade twice? I’d only be upgrading to V11 to get the fix. I'd rather upgrade to the newest version, but I can't wait for it because of the issue. Do you understand what I"m asking, and could you contact me with a response as soon as possible?  Thank you.

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