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So I have an issue and a question.  The document I have created has fill able fields in it, and some are required.  I have selected the "required" box under common properties for each field that is required.   I also have a "submit a form" action for the document.  Problem is, when I send it out for someone to test, they are able to send it back to me without filling in the required fields.   Now one variable in this, is the tester is opening the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  What am I doing wrong?

For my question, I thought there was a setting to make this a "save as" only document, but I cannot find where I thought I saw this.  Ultimately, I would like users to not be able to save over the current document, but to have to save it separately by using save as.  Is this even an option or did I dream it up? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am going nuts!

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Steven Zakulec

Hi, I think I have a solution to your issue.

You'll want to use the Password security option to lock your PDF, and only allow form filling and signing.  This disables the Save button, and only allows the Save As button.

To do this, go to the Protect tab.

Click on Password Security.

Check the box under Permissions.

Type in a password.

Under Changes Allowed, you want to select form filling and signing.

For printing, set whatever options work best for you.

Press Finish.

Do File, Save As to save your changes in a new file (or just use regular save if you don't need to keep the original around- the important part is to save the PDF after applying the Password Security).

Close the PDF, and then re-open it- you'll be notified this PDF has limited access, and restrictions on it.

Go to the File menu, and you'll notice that Save is not available- only Save As.


Hope this helps!

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