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Draw functions unpredictably


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Hi: I am running Nitro Pro 11.07 on a Surface Pro using a Surface Pen. When I select "draw," sometimes the software allows me to underline. Sometimes it treats the pen as a finger using touch gestures moving the document around on the screen. A few updates ago, I was also able to add drawn notes in a PDF. Now that has become almost impossible, with the application treating the pen as touch gestures in the midst of making a note. The pen works fine in other applications and, for instance, making notes in browser pages (html). I do not see any settings available in Nitro Pro that would affect this behavior. Suggestions?

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Paul Officer

I am also trying to use Nitro with a surface pen, and it is pretty much un-usable. The sensitivity to the pen is poor, with the software not recording until after the start of the pen movement, i.e. missing part of the first letter.  Then, after the inking is complete, the software seems to discretise it, so that the curves become facetted.  Hand writing is illegible.  Any chance this could be improved?

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I'm having the same problem.  I upgraded to Nitro Pro 12 hoping my surface pen would work after the upgrade.  It still won't respond until I hold the pen on the document in drawing mode, and if I lift it off the screen it won't write until I hold it 2 seconds or so again.  Doesn't work at all for signatures.  This needs to be fixed for this software to work for Surface Pro users.

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