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Bring back quick-sign features



In one of the latest point releases for Nitro Pro 11, you changed the way QuickSign works.

Now you can quickly add a signature with one click to a document, but there's no way to retain what size you want that signature is. You can re-size it using the edit tool but now you have to do that EVERY.SINGLE.TIME you sign something. Before you'd put the quicksign down and before you double clicked to stick the signature on there for good you could resize it and Nitro would REMEMBER your preferred signature size.  Now it's a 3 step process.

Yes, I suppose I could go resize everyones signature files, but that's one more step I have to do now that I never had to do before.  The whole new quick-sign setup is entirely inconvenient.


So I ask/propose that either

a) you have a preference that can be set to enable the old way to quick-sign

b) Allow nitro to somehow still save the quick-sign SIZE once it's resized with the edit tool so it can be remembered for next use.


In changing the way quick-sign works you ensure that I will never upgrade past the point release that retained the old quick-sign setup, which means I will never be willing to renew our licenses in the future as well.


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What he said.  This feature was one of the primary reasons I have stayed with NitroPro.  Now it's a nightmare.

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Alex E.

Hi @RyanW and @LarryLunk,

This issue was recently looked at and a workaround has been found.

After placing the signature simply press the 'Undo' arrow (Ctrl + Z) at the top left of the screen.
This will bring up the resizing and 'Apply' option again (like you used to have).

Once you have applied the new size, Nitro will remember it for the next use.

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