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autofill or mail merge in form 1095c


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Hi, we have a form from the government for healthcare it is called 1095c form the fill in the blanks for the company name and so on are okay because they are all the same.  But how do we insert the name and address and social security on the form automatically?

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Steven Zakulec

There's no builtin auto-fill- the closest you can get is to use the import & export form data buttons.

The process works roughly like this:

Open the blank form.

Fill in all the data that's the same for each form.

Use the Export form data button to save that as a FDF (form data file).

Open the blank document.

Use the Import form data button to open your FDF.

The Nitro guide reference for this feature is here: http://guide.gonitro.com/articles/import-and-export-form-data/


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