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Nitro Pro 10 not sending to Nitro PDF Creator?

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I am wondering if anyone on the boards has ever seen a symptom like this, and if so what they were able to do to correct it.

I have an end user who cannot create PDFs using the Nitro Pro 10 interface.     They are running Nitro Pro 10 version  on Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, Service Pack 1.  

There is no error message, Nitro Pro 10 just fails to send the document through the Nitro PDF Creator (Pro 10) virtual printer and no PDF is created.  It is the same behavior whether we attempt to drag and drop a Word document into Nitro Pro, or choose “Create PDF” from the menu and select the file manually.

 There is a progress bar that appears and disappears quickly.  It states "PDF created successfully", but the PDF is not created and does not open in Nitro Pro.

 On a whim I tried opening a document in Word then choosing print, then selected the Nitro PDF Creator (Pro10) as the print device.  This worked properly: the document was sent through the virtual printer (I watched it go through the print queue which I opened before starting the print job), and the PDF file was created.  So this tells us the virtual printer is working properly but the software is either failing to send to it when it needs to, or something else is blocking it.   

I have already tried: uninstalling Nitro Pro 10, using the cleanup.zip tool found on the KB, rebooting, and reinstalling the latest version recommended for print spooler problems:

Is there a config file or registry entry that needs to be edited to tell Nitro how to use the PDF Creator properly?   Has anyone else experienced issues with other software blocking the sending of a document to the PDF Creator ?

Anyway - thanks for reading and  and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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