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Website "Contact Us" for Business Quote Not Working


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I'd like to find out how much 20 business licenses would cost, but you website is wasting my time just spinning doing nothing.

Would it be that big of a deal to just post the prices?????????????????

You are not improving my company's efficiency or improving my mood.

Truly Annoyed


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Alex Edwardes

Hi @JustTheFacts, Sorry to hear the website isn't working for you.

I've been informed that the test results for the website came back fine.
It's possible there is some information caught in your cache.
The easiest way to check this is via another web browser.

However, for the moment we can bypass this and I can send your details through to our sales team.
I will reach out to you directly for further information.

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I have the same issue. For weeks I am desperately trying to reach out to your sales department, but I have no success. The button swirls around and around:  helpticket_nitro-googlechrome2.jpg


Could you please forward this to a person who can contact me? We would like to upgrade our subscription with you.

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