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Nitro Pro and Avast Ransomware Shield conflict


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Since the upgrade to Nitro Pro v. my Avast Internet Security blocks creation of PDF's in any folders protected by their Ransomware Shield (including most of the standard document folders).  When printing via the Nitro PDF printer driver to a protected folder, Avast first blocks it then prompts whether to allow NxPdfCreator.exe.  If I select "yes" it then appears in Avast's list of allowed apps, but subsequent PDF creation attempts are likewise blocked, followed by the same Avast prompt.  I managed to get it to work by completely uninstalling and reinstalling Nitro, then manually adding the required EXE file to the list of allowed apps.  However, after two days of successful operations, I'm confronted by the same situation.  Uninstalling Nitro and reinstalling seems to have worked again, but to do this every day or so is going to be unworkable.

It's entirely possible that Avast is the culprit in this scenario - however, the only known variable was the upgrade to Nitro v.  The previous release (7.0.11.???) never had this problem, and Avast's ransomware protection module has been active on my PC for months with no other problems.  Just for fun, I installed a trial version of Foxit and can create PDF's in protected folders without any problem.

It could be that Avast's engine simply has not caught up with the newest release of Nitro and so sees it as a potential threat.  However, I don't understand why it still fails even after adding Nitro to the list of allowed apps.

Any insight?  TIA...

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