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NOW WHAT?! insert from scanner not working properly


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Okay, I'm starting to lose patience here...  This is my third major issue with Nitro Pro v.  I commonly use the "Insert from scanner" feature to append signed pack slips to my customer invoices.  Tried it today for the first time since upgrading to the latest version of Nitro Pro.  The image rendering is all wrong, it looks like a dithered B&W low res fax (sorta) instead of the smooth grayscale output from the scanner.  To test, I scanned the pack slip direct to a PDF file from the scanner's front panel controls (same settings as the software interface), then used "Insert from file" to append it to my invoice.  Looked exactly like it was supposed to look, and exactly like it used to look when using "Insert from scanner" before the update.  Of course I can use this method as a work-around, but it adds about three steps to the process - and shouldn't be necessary if the software was working properly!

Nitro, what is going on?  You're about to lose a customer here, I've installed a trial version of Foxit and it exhibits *none* of the problems I've had with  At this point I'd be thrilled to simply roll back to the version I was using prior to the update, but it doesn't seem to be available for download (the only download link to v. 11 is the current version; apparently I have to go all the way back to v. 10 to downgrade).

If a mod sees this, I would *really* appreciate some assistance.  I use Nitro Pro every day in my business and I can't afford to be having these problems.  Until the latest update I have been extremely happy with Nitro Pro's features and performance, and didn't have *any* of the problems I've experienced over the last few days.

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