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Allow Custom Stamps Name OR Date OR Time Option (not all or none)



I want to be able to create a custom Dynamic Stamp that includes the Company (firm) name and the Date, but not the Time.     

The only dynamic option is to include:

Name AND Date AND Time. 

The preferred option is to have:

Name AND/OR Date AND/OR Time (i.e. a check box next to each optional element)

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Thanks Allain,

This request is different than the request to add Javascript to a text field in a custom/dynamic stamp.  I will clarify the request.

This request involves changing the options that are available when creating a custom stamp.

The only variable option available now is:

  • Check box next to: Include name, date and time.

What I am requesting is an option as follows:

  • Check box next to: name
  • Check box next to: date
  • Check box next to: time

This allows a user to select any or none from name, date time and it does not require enabling Javascript in a text box in a custom stamp.

Best regards,  Jim 

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