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Unable to open .PDF embedded in a .DOCX

Thomas Rowan

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Hi guys

I have a Word .DOCX file with an embedded .PDF.  On my office PC, with Adobe installed, if I can right click on the object in Word and select 'Adobe Document Object | Open'.  However, on my personal PC, where I have Nitro Pro installed, there is no Open option available; there's a 'Convert' option but it doesn't successfully do anything.  (Other difference: my office PC has Word 2010, my personal one is Word 2016.)

Any ideas on how to be able to open a PDF object embedded in a .DOCX file, using Nitro Pro?

Thanks in advance

- TR

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Steven Zakulec

I just tried reproducing this, and I had no difficulties.

I took a normal .docx file, did Insert Object, and choose From File.  I picked a PDF, and hit okay.

I was then able to open the PDF embedded in the Word document by double clicking on it.  Windows then asked me if I was sure I wanted to open the PDF file with Nitro, and I told it yes.

I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Nitro, and Word 2016.

I didn't try right-clicking on the object, just double clicking.

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Thanks Steven.  I've looked a little further, and it seems the problem I am experiencing is how Word embeds objects. I received the file from someone who had Adobe on their machine, and when they embedded the .PDF it was associated with specifically Adobe.  Now on this machine, since I don't have Adobe  installed, Word gives up rather than using the default application associated with .PDF files.  Since I have a work around (using a different PC), I haven't looked into it far enough to find a full solution.

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Hy community,

is there a solution for the problem? I'd like to open a pdf file beeing embedded in a docx document using nitro pro 11. The docx was made with pdf associated to the Adobe Reader.

Any Ideas?


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