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Reinstall Nitro Pro


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I received an email last week telling me that I needed to update my nitro pro, the update would resolve common issues etc. after the download was completed, Nitro has returned to being a free session and will expire in 8 days. I only purchased the package in September.

Now I am trying to reinstall, however, it only brings up the free trial. I cannot find where the activation key/ serial number goes to reinstate my Nitro pro to the full package.


Please help!!


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Kelly Maynard

My Nitro Pro 10 that I own no longer allows me to open a PDF file using Nitro.  I get this error message, "The service does not have sufficient privileges.  Please re-install.  I also cannot open Nitro as I get the same message, so I cannot obtain my license or PM so that I can re-install.  Can someone help me?


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My OS went down and I had to reload. Lost all programs. Tried to reinstall NITRO 11 but can't seem to activate it??????  What the diagram that is shown does not appear on my version.  There's NO activation button?

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