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Outlook Option to Append with pdf????


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  Currently using  Nitro Pro and the option to append a pdf is missing. 

While working in Outlook. I can create a pdf from attachments and save..  Create a pdf of the email and save.  

However I am not able to select the email from the  in box  , right click   "append to pdf".  select the file ... and voila it was attached.  

So much easier than opening email , saving email as pdf. in a temporary spot, while you Open  the pdf  you want to append with the email -  selecting insert -  selecting saved email -- and resave.

 Does Nitro Pro have this option? 



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Steven Zakulec

Good news- Nitro does have this option.

The way you access this is by trying to use a filename that already exists.  A window will then pop up asking you what you want to do- Append, Overwrite, or Cancel.

If you click on Append, you'll be asked if you want it at the beginning or the end of the file.

This is obviously not exactly what you wanted, but I hope this helps.

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