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Create a signature box for people to draw / add / type their signature?

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I can't work out how to add a signature box that people can sign using draw or add an image of their signature. I know how to add a type box signature but can't work out how to add one where they can use their finger or mouse to draw their signature / add an image of it.

Any advice would be great!

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Laura L.

Hi @Dotcom,

Thanks for using the Community to reach out to us. 

To draw or upload an image of a signature you will need to use the QuickSign function (Home >> QuickSign). This feature will let you create a signature using both those option but to place the signature onto the document you will need to select it from the QuickSign button. The signature form field in Nitro Pro is only for the Digital Signature function. There is nor form field for the QuickSign signature that you can click on and will then be prompted to draw your signature or add an image of it. 

I hope this answers your question. 


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