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Cells get merged while converting pdf to excel

Abhishek Tewari

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Abhishek Tewari


I am facing a problem where while converting a pdf file to excel, the generated excel file contains certain rows where 2 or more simultaneous cells are getting merged into one.

Please help to get this fixed.


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Allain Umailin

Hello @Abhishek Tewari,

Thanks for your patience and for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

To get best results for PDF to Excel conversions, please refer to the following tips:

1. Contents in the PDF document should best resemble a table with consistent spacing in rows, columns, and headings.
2. The document should not contain extraneous text and content around the actual table in the PDF as this will attempted to be read in the conversion to Excel.
3. Ensure the document is upright (text reads left to right, up and down).
4. Scan the original image with a higher DPI or quality.
5. Ensure there is as little noise as possible on the document.
6. No handwritten content. Text should best resemble recognizable fonts on a computer.

I hope these helps!

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