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Reverting back to Nitro 10

Rosalynne Arel


Rosalynne Arel

Hello Nitro programmers and staff,

I have been a dedicated Nitro user for almost 10 years and highly recommend it to everyone, if I can slip it in the conversation. I have bought and upgraded many versions of Nitro. I have been struggling with Nitro 11 since it came out, it's so buggy and not as user friendly as any of the previous versions. I have had enough of the buggy and have an extremely difficult time trying to find support to ask a question or get help! One of my biggest pet peeves is that I have to reset my QAT on a daily basis because it keeps reverting back to default. I have recently purchased Nitro 11 for my new desktop but I am must go back to Nitro 10 because of the level of frustration in dealing with the quirks of Nitro 11 and the enormous amount productivity downtime from using such an inferior product (Nitro 11).

Hope your reading... bye-bye 11! Call me when you create a product with actual improvements!

Thanks but no thanks,


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