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QuickSign Can't be Resized


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When using QuickSign I am not able to resize the signature. It doesn't matter whether I start a new handwritten signature or a handwritten signature that is autosaved. When I select an autosaved handwritten signature, it allows me to move the signature to the desired spot, then a red box that is supposed to stay in place until I resize the signature to fit into the place I want it only shows for a very brief time and does not allow me to resize to the size I want. Any ideas?

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Hello @steve582@gmail.com,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

The 'quicksign' function was redesigned recently. Applying a quicksign signature used to be a two part process. You would add it to the PDF and adjust the size, then click 'Apply'.

Now the signature is automatically 'Applied'. 

If you would like to resize it, simply place it on the PDF, then press the 'Undo' (Ctrl + Z) button at the top right of the screen.
This will bring up the resizing options. Simply adjust the border and location, then click 'Apply'.
The signature will remember the size until you change it again.

Hope that helps!

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I'm used to copying and pasting my signature multiple times instead of selecting. Also, rarely is the placement and size perfect so why would you add additional steps that are hard to access?

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