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"The Entry Does Not Appear to be a Valid URL." but url is valid


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I am trying to add a web URL to an area of text on a pdf document using Nitro Pro 11.  The URL (no real data!)  includes form data fields as such:


When the url is inserted into the action field for the url, the following error message appears:

"The entry does not appear to be a valid URL. Please check for spaces or syntax errors."

I have also submitted a Support Ticket on this.  

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I will answer my own question... :D

For some reason, Nitro Pro does not allow the use of form field entries in hyperlinks.  Depending on you you look at it, that is either a bug, oversight or a design defect.

There is a solution/workaround: Go to https://goo.gl/  enter the url that includes form field entries and a shortened url is created.  Nitro Pro does not choke on the shortened url. 

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Hi @breezin,

Thanks for using the Community to reach out to us! I see that one of our Support Reps is currently working on the ticket you submitted. You can expect a reply today. 

I will also share the information from this post with her. 


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