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License for RDS - 10 concurrent user


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Please help me to use Nitro pro for 10 concurrent user on Remote Desktop Server.

Please specify what to buy and how to install.

Thank you.

David Kwock

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @computit, Thanks for contacting Nitro!

Nitro Pro 10 is no longer for sale, Nitro Pro 11 is the current product available.
We also do not sell concurrent seats, rather Nitro is sold on a per head basis.

If you would like to install Nitro on a Remote Desktop Server, you will need a server license which can only be purchased via our enterprise team (not available online).
You will need to purchase a minimum of 11 seats for this.

If you are interested, I recommend clicking on the 'Contact Sales' button on the top right of our website: https://www.gonitro.com

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Hi Alex,

I have submitted the sales inquiry multiple times via the contact form on your website,

However, I have got any response and it's been already 1 week since I wait for the response.

Can I have a contact number or direct email? because my client urgently needs this software working on their RDS.


David Kwock

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