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Improve the check update option in order to show if there are new versions (even minor updates)

Luis Arango


Luis Arango

Please make sure the the update feature works checking if there are minor updates as well.

When I run the update, it says that "there are not updated available. You have the latest version of Nitro Pro installed" and in my case that was not true. I was running version and when I checked the website I found that the latest version was  So 4 more versions with lots of improvements have been released without me knowing and without the "check update option" knowing about it.

Could you please improve the "check update option" to properly show the availability of new versions (even minor versions).


to the moderator: if you think this was solved already, please delete this suggestion. regards

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That is still the case in 2023.  I had a problem that I thought might be fixed by a a newer version so I mistakenly went to the Upgrade page and it said that I had the latest.    Then just like Mac, noticed elsewhere in the forum newer versions mentioned along with the download location.   Once I went to the download location and the update to the latest version was seamless.    If I were to speculate as to why this is the case, I would think it was because it appeared to me that "Upgrade" was designed to transition you between major versions, say from Nitro Pro 13 to Nitro Pro 14. 

So I think there are really two issues here:

1) The upgrade site should give a clearer error message when you are already on the major software version.  EG: say something like "You are already using Nitro Pro 13.   If you want to get minor bug fixes go to this  URL."https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/downloads
2) It would also be very helpful if the Nitro Pro App itself had a check for updates function under the Help tab, so you wouldn't even have to go to the web site for updates.

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