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Disactivation before reinstalling Windows 10?

Ruud van der Veer

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Ruud van der Veer


Just an additional question, maybe relatedto my other issue as posted in

Is it necessary to deactivate first Nitro Pro 11 BEFORE a reinstall of Windows 10 Home take place at the same machine?

Thanks in advance,


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Alex Edwardes

Hi @ruchri, Yes it is.

When reinstalling Windows, the ID that Nitro uses to identify the installation may change.
If you do not deactivate Nitro, it may consider the seat 'taken' when you try to activate after the reinstall.

Please deactivate first.

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Ruud van der Veer

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your response. I will remember to deactivate first.

In addition to your answer here and mij other topic <Error -23 (just another one)> I noticed the following:

Apparently the machine got deactivated last week (after Leslie's response on Monday) because I changed later that week from the Windows Insider preview 17133.73 back to 16299.371 (Fall Creators Update . Why am I suppoing this? Because this morning I reinstalled Preview 17133.73 again and some minutes ago I was anxious to see what would happen if I tried to activate Nitri vs 11. And, surpisingly, it activated by itself using the Licens portal!

Greetings, Ruud

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