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Fillable forms - Text not showing properly


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We used the Forms components to create fillable forms for our town. The Text dialog works find for a single line but we needed multi line. So we selected that feature and it wraps well...in Nitro Pro. In Acrobat the text starts toward the bottom of the dialog box and lines below are invisible. e.g. If we have a text box that's vertically sized for 3 lines of 12 point text (we have that set in the Properties of the text box) and open it in Nitro Pro it fills out just great (starts in the upper left and works down for 3 lines). If I try to do this in Acrobat (the reader most people have) the text starts on the bottom of the dialog and text below the first line is not visible, nor is it printed.

Everything else looks good but this text box issue is a big problem as we have many fields that use this dialog.

How do we get text to start at the top left in any PDF viewer? (and not just Nitro Pro?)

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