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Nitro Functionality Stopped


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Tried to import a 33.6 MB file size and all program funcionality stopped. Would not load or anything.  Deleted the file and did a system restore. Seems ok now. Any thoughts/comments/ tips would be appreciated.




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Steven Zakulec

Here's some possible ideas on what could've happened:

Your file is a complex form of a type Nitro doesn't handle currently, and eventually caused Nitro to crash.  If you told Nitro to try recovering the file, you could've ended up with a second crash as well.

Your file uses objects, pictures, Javascript, and or gradients in such a fashion that it could be very memory or processor intensive for Nitro to open despite the file size or length.

If you're not on the latest version of Nitro 11 (, you could try installing that and seeing if there's any change with the file.  If you have software assurance, you could submit a support ticket and have support investigate the file for you.


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