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NItro Pro Decryption


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 I currently have Nitro Pro 9, and tried ( back in 2017) a trial copy of Nitro Pro 11.

I routinely use PDFCreator as my PDF printer. However PDF's created with PDFCreator (http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator) and encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption, either partially or fully, cannot be opened with NitroPro version 9 or 11 using the correct password. Nitro simply keeps asking for the password. I reported this to Nitro in April last year as Nitro Support Case - 00102971 - Opening Copy Secured PDF's and was told that they "... were able to replicate the issue using the file that you sent. This looks like a compatibility issue between PDFCreator and Nitro Pro. I apologize, but we cannot offer any workaround at the moment."
The PDF's created and encrypted  by PDFCreator CAN be opened by ALL the
other PDF readers I have tried
        MIcrosoft Edge Browser
        Microsoft Reader
        Foxit Phantom
        Microsoft Word
PDF's created and encrypted with 128bit AES by Nitro's printer can be opened in Nitro 9 & 11 and with all the other readers. That suggested a problem with the implementation of the decryption library in Nitro.
Does anyone know if this issue has been identified and resolved for V12? I tried to query this with Nitro directly, but got the standard automated response that the query was closed.
I would be happy to provide the sample document, but I can't seem to work out how to attach it to the post. I can see - "Insert existing Attachment" as an option, but when I try that it says "You do not have any existing attachments." and I  can see no obvious way to create one. I tried to upload the document to the Nitro cloud, but it refused to let me  "because the document is encrypted", which sort of defeats the object!
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